As web user can choose to reject the storage and use of cookies.

Cookies on

CoreTrek AS is supplying publishing tools to our website and is the company responsible for technical development, operation and maintenance. These are cookies CoreTrek uses on our website:

  • To make the publishing solution work: The capsule CorePublishSession. The capsule is removed from your computer when you close your browser
  • To identify the type of device and browser you use: The capsule Ctdevicecachekey. The capsule has a duration of one week and enables our website to present content to the correct type of device (PC, mobile, tablet, etc.).


We've added the ability to forward articles to email and share articles on social media. E-mail addresses used to forward articles not logged. Further handling of data shared in social media is governed by your agreement with that net community.

Statistics and logs

When you read our website, information will be stored in statistics and log files.
The system stores the user agent, ip address and which page the visitor has visited in a raw data table. This data is in turn used to generate statistics for the number of page views per object (menu item, article, file) per host and per keyword. All data in the raw data table is deleted after two days, and the remaining statistics then contains only summarized data that can not be used to identify the user.
We store the user agent, ip address and which page the visitor has visited in the web server logs. These logs are used exclusively for work around troubleshooting and security, and no data is extracted or used from these logs. The logs are deleted after a given interval (usually four weeks). Only administrators of the Web server (operations and maintenance) have access to these logs.