Bertel O. Steen is the oldest and largest company in the Nordic region representing international defence industry for major military projects in Norway. Our manufacturers develop and produce products and systems of the highest quality to the defence and law enforcement sector in Norway and other countries. Our portfolio includes areas such as submarines, surface ships, small arms, military vehicles, battle tanks, artillery, ammunition, CBRN and air defence systems.

As an adviser and representative of a number of major, world class, international defence manufacturers, we are responsible for a number of tasks for our manufacturers within business development in Norway.

We work long-term with the major investment programs in the Armed Forces and the Police and help secure our manufacturers significant contracts in Norway, which ensure that the Armed Forces and the Police receive the best possible solutions for their needs. We have been involved in many of the largest acquisitions to the Norwegian Armed Forces in the past decades.

In our team we have dedicated people with a broad military background from all branches, military acquisition agency and the defence industry. This mix of profiles enables us to cover a wide range of procurement programs and to understand, analyse and interact in the various phases of the procurement process.
When offset obligations are involved in an acquisition program, it is important for the suppliers to have a good understanding of the rules and practices, and to work systematically within this field as part of the positioning strategy.

We have more than 40 years of experience working with the industry in Norway and abroad, to solve offset obligations for international suppliers to military programs in Norway.

Our network within the industry and the Armed forces – coupled with insight and understanding of the Norwegian offset regulations – enable us to work professionally, structured and long term with offset and industrial collaboration issues for our partners, before and after the contract is awarded.

Our Partners

We are proud to represent these world leading defence manufacturers.

Logo Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics

World leader in mobile robots, tackling some of the toughest robotics challenges.


One of the world’s most successful automotive companies.

Diehl Defence

Highly accurate guided missiles for armies, air forces and navies, system solutions for ground-based air defence, intelligent ammunition solutions to innovative reconnaissance and protection systems.


Eurospike GmbH is responsible for the marketing of the missiles of the SPIKE family in Europe.


Development, manufacturing, modification and optimisation of armoured tracked and wheeled vehicles.

Heckler & Koch

World’s leading manufacturers of small arms with firmly established roots in Germany.


Leader in the European market for armoured wheel based and tracked vehicles.

Logo Milrem Robotics

Milrem Robotics

Innovative robotic solutions for challenging environments.


Mobility equipment for people and organizations throughout the world

Nexter Systems

Defence systems designer and integrator of a wide portfolio of high quality systems.


leading expert in various technologies for protection against Nuclear, Radiological, Biological or Chemical threats

Pearson Engineering

Expert in breaching, detection, defeat and clearance of mines and explosives as well as combat bridge launch systems, non-lethal counter mobility products and specialised counter terror systems.

Sellier & Bellot

Manufacturing a wide range of pistol, rifle, and shotgun ammunition for hunting and sports.

Soucy Defense

Leading manufacturer of rubber tracks for military combat vehicles.


Leading system providers for non-nuclear submarines and high-end naval vessels.