JUNG­HANS Defence is a lea­ding supplier of all types of munition fuzes and Safety & Arming Devices (SAD) for rockets, missiles, guided munitions, shoulder-launched weapons and torpedoes.

The com­pa­ny deals ex­ten­si­ve­ly with such di­ver­se fiel­ds as pre­ci­si­on en­gi­nee­ring, elec­tro­me­cha­nics, elec­tro­nics, py­ro­tech­nics and ma­te­ri­al tech­no­lo­gies to pro­vi­de its cust­o­m­ers with safe, re­lia­ble, high-per­for­mance pro­ducts in the fiel­ds of highly g-hardened fuzes and igni­ti­on sys­tems.

JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH is the Centre of Competence for precision mechanics, mechanical fuzes and fuze components including (mi­cro-me­cha­ni­cal) sub-as­sem­blies and me­cha­ni­cal Safe­ty and Ar­ming De­vices. The company includes an environmental test centre and a highly specialized toolshop, which serves both internal and external customers.